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“Difficult to imagine not starting a hunter education class without using The Last Shot. A truly remarkable piece of work.”

“We feel so strongly about this video The Last Shot, that we have written its use into the course plan for the first night of all of our classes in Minnesota.”

“I thought The Last Shot was excellent. The students were moved, and there were tears in their eyes. It really makes you think. It not only gets their attention, but it keeps their attention.”

“We love the video The Last Shot, and when we show it, the students are very quiet, obviously impressed and thinking about the message of the production. This is easily the best production of its type we’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for making it available to the Hunter Education program.”

“The scenarios depicted in these videos are realistic, well thought out,and are done in a professional manner. They appeal to adults as well as kids and are one of the more important training aids I have used in my classes. I truly believe these films by Alan Madison have made a tremendous difference in the classes in which I have been involved. They hold the interest of the students and spur a great deal of discussion, which benefits every student in the class. I whole-heartedly endorse these films and am thankful we have a company dedicated to producing quality videos for Hunter Education.”

"Hunter Education Instructors have been using materials from Alan Madison Productions for years, and I still have instructors tell me about the reactions they get from the students when one of their films are shown."

“Here in Michigan, we have received a very positive response on the DVD 5-Pack. We like the ease in handling and presenting …keeping up-to-date with technology, the ability to present with the student manual is much appreciated. Keep up the good work.”

“As the leader of a Colorado Division of Wildlife Hunter Education Team, I can say that we rely upon the Alan Madison film series to support many of our course subjects.  These high quality films allow us to "virtually" put our students into a field environment to experience situations ranging from firearm safety, unethical hunting, survival, and wildlife management to name a few. Thanks Alan Madison for a great product.”

“Alan Madison products have greatly enhanced our hunter education program in Tennessee.  Many of our students have commented on the effectiveness of the films and I know they have touched students and have created an enhanced awareness of outdoor safety.”

“Alan Madison Productions has provided many of our volunteer instructors with a variety of quality, outdoor skills and safety videos.The "Master" DVD has been very popular with school teachers that offer a longer "Outdoor Skills" elective course to middle school students.”

“The original Survival! video has always been an instructor favorite. The Skill of Survival—Desert Region is sure to become an essential part of all hunter education classes here in the desert southwest.”

“The Skill of Survival-Desert Region, is a welcome addition to our safety library. We have many people traveling throughout the southwest, who are not familiar with this type of environment. Filled with valuable information in an educational, yet entertaining format, this survival video is perfect for novices and experts alike.”

"The Last Shot" should be the first shot at all Hunter Education Classes. By introducing this outstanding video to your students during the first hour of class, it will set the tone and give purpose to the seriousness of what we, as instructors, are trying to teach our students.